About Us

Reliability is the cornerstone of the transportation industry, and CIMA Logistics is committed to being a reliable partner for your business. To us, reliability means safety, dependability, and communication. We set aggressive safety standards for ourselves, as well as our driver partners.

Our Values


Safety is our primary decision-making consideration. Through training, monitoring technology, and self-regulation, we strive to create the safest possible work environment for our carriers and the communities we serve.


Doing the right thing is at the core of everything we do. As individuals, and as a team, our actions are rooted in trust, fairness, and humility. We value personal relationships that allow us to communicate and collaborate internally, as well as with our clients. To maintain those relationships, we approach every interaction with the highest ethical standards.


We are a minority and woman-owned business, so diversity is in our DNA. We believe in incorporating diverse perspectives when it comes to age, gender, race, and ability. To work together and to choose the best course of action, we always consider diverse points of view.


“CIMA” is a reference to the Pinnacle, and that’s exactly what we strive to help our customers achieve- the logistics company that is at the top of the industry, leading the way in safety and ethical standards, helping you to achieve the pinnacle of your success!

CIMA Logistics was officially established in 2018, but the roots of the company date back to 2008, when Manuel Molina began operating MM Transport. Integrity and quality service were the backbone of MM Transport, and it was Manuel’s partner, Olga Lopez, that aided in the transformation of the company. Olga’s 30 years of experience in banking and finance gave her the knowledge and prowess to expand the operation.

In 2018, Olga acquired MM Transport and established CIMA Logistics, a minority and woman owned logistics company with a mission to provide logistics services in the most professional and proactive manner possible. Since its inception, CIMA has grown from a fleet of 5 trucks to a fleet of 100.

CIMA is a family-owned and operated company. As the business has grown, Olga’s son and daughter, Blake and Emily Nava, have joined the leadership team as the Financial Manager and the Office Operations Manager, respectively. CIMA’s business operations are founded on the same ethical backbone as CIMA’s family. Our team is proud of its honesty, work ethic, and resiliency.  

While the operations of CIMA have expanded, so has the company’s mission. CIMA strives to empower other minority – and women owned businesses – with resources and opportunities through partnerships with the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Hispanic 100.

Company Certifications

Our company has certifications both as a diverse minority and woman owned business. Industry specific certifications are also important to us in demonstrating technical expertise.

WBE - Women Business Enterprise

MBE - Minority Business Enterprise

Drivers are certified in PEC SafeL and EEC H2S



Meet the core team driving the CIMA Logistics growth.
Olga Lopez
Olga Lopez
Executive Director
Olga Lopez leads CIMA Logistics as the Executive Director.
Blake Nava
Blake Nava
Managing Partner
Since late 2018, Blake Nava has been a vital part of the CIMA Logistics team.
Manuel Molina
Manuel Molina
Field Operations Manager
Manny is the face in the field who maintains strong safety standards.
Emily Nava
Emily Nava
Office Operations Manager
As Office Operations Manager for CIMA, Emily oversees the Dispatch Team of 10.

Giving Back

Our business leadership believes that we can have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Our team members create that impact with time and donations for local religious and educational organizations.

Further, as a minority and woman-owned business, we strive to create opportunities for others who come from diverse backgrounds.

Close relationships with the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Hispanic 100 give us the ability to empower Latina women with leadership and economic opportunities. As our business continues to grow, we are committed to elevating the communities of Dallas-Fort Worth and West Texas.