What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at CIMA Logistics LLC?

Safe Driving. Be honest. CIMA Logistics LLC is seeking long term Drivers. Team member retention is important.

Is the annual salary 75,000 as they say or is that tops. Is this oilfield?

CIMA Logistics LLC runs in oilfield (Texas, New Mexico) $75K is an AVERAGE for OTR. $80 is an AVERAGE in Texas. None of these are top pay. All locations have Drivers earning higher and much more than average. These are AVERAGES.

I live in florida and willing to relocate for work. my question is do you allow a driver to bring one dog?

No Dogs in the oilfield.

Does CIMA Logistics LLC hire owner operators?

We now have a spot for Owner Operators to work under our authority. Your truck would have to be up to spec and have a blower for frac sand. Apply at www.cimalogisticsllc.com

What questions did they ask during your job interview at CIMA Logistics LLC?

Driving experience? Trailers? Transmission types? eLogs?
Work experience? Length at former jobs.
Certifications (H2S, Safeland)
Reasons for leaving former job?
Discuss MVR, PSP issues
What schedule do you want to work (out/home-time)

Do you hire out of state for oilfield work? Willing to relocate but didn’t know if you offered man camps for drivers

Yes. We hire oilfield Drivers from all over. You don’t need to relocate. CIMA Logistics LLC Trucks have sleepers and the partners with locations, showers, laundry so that you don’t need housing for your oilfield time.

How do you feel about the future of CIMA Logistics LLC?

In the tough US trucking industry, CIMA Logistics LLC has been able to keep Drivers, have updated equipment, and earn top tier rates.

No company is perfect, but CIMA Logistics LLC is poised to stay ahead of the market.  We value our team members feedback and take action as appropriate.

What’s the pay and schedule for sand haulers?

In all sand haul locations, CIMA Logistics LLC pays for performance. The rates and schedules different depending on where you live and work.

If you’re close you can get home more often, but if you live at a good distance, you’ll want to be in the field 3 weeks ON and 1 week OFF to make the commute worth it and get a week off.

If you’re local it’s easier to get home, but non-locals do a rotational schedule.

Do they require a new physical?

No. You can use the DOT physical that you have unless it’s going to expire in the next 6 months. If it will expire, we will provide a new DOT physical.

Are Certifications required for oilfield?

Yes, Safeland, H2S and Fit.

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